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“You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone…” (Roy T Bennett)

3 Essential Steps to Dynamic Leadership

Discover the vital keys to becoming a Highly Effective Leader in your Business or Organisation with this FREE 3 Part Video Series

Lead Magnet

Edge Motivational Academy provides training in leadership, motivation and delivers vital skills development for individuals, businesses and organisations.


How to Create a Winning Culture by Developing Your Leadership

This webinar will give you the leadership skills and understanding that are needed to transform the culture that you are leading into a more dynamic and productive environment.

How to Create a Winning Culture by Developing Your Leadership
How to Create a Winning Culture


How to Create a Winning Culture

Statistics from recent surveys suggest a Global dissatisfaction with the quality of leadership. The program addresses this issue by providing the skills, understanding and necessary mindset to transform the leader’s environment.

Without Brian’s insightful coaching and support, we would still be stumbling in the dark, but we have learned how to build a strong business, based on purpose with values using time honored principles.. And now we are keen to take it to the next level..”

Remy McLeod, 2018 Australian Women's Middleweight Taekwondo Champion

“I went from being a new employee in an unfamiliar industry to succeeding my sales target and then succeeding in management.

Because of my consistent results, I was given an incredible opportunity to become a partner in a thriving business. Regular mentoring and coaching has been a significant part of my formular for success…”

Tim Wallace - Riviera Sheds and Barns Gippsland, Victoria

“I was literally lost and in a bad space in my early twenties after some very challenging events during my teens.

The great news is that I have been given the tools to overcome every limiting factor and achieve a very significant goal. I am now on course to complete my Bachelor of Accounting mid 2022. I am now putting some exciting goals for the next season in my life..”

Wade Hunt - Sale, Victoria

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