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How to Create a Winning Culture by Developing Your Leadership

This webinar will give you the leadership skills and understanding that are needed to transform the culture that you are leading into a more dynamic and productive environment.


Brian Heath


This Webinar Is For You If:

  • If your role requires you to lead, train, build a team or motivate others and you want to sharpen your skills
  • As a leader, you are interested in creating a better, healthier, more productive environment for yourself and others
  • You want to develop the skills and understand the necessary dynamics to create a healthy work, business culture of family environment
  • You could be in management, a community leader, a business owner/operator or in management. You could be a school principal or a mum or dad.

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Here’s What Else You’ll Discover:

  • Step 1 – Refocusing on Vision
  • Step 2 – Reality Check: Where am I at now?
  • Step 3 – Identify and Develop Key Competencies
  • Step 4 – Commit to the Process
  • Step 5 – Regular Reviews and Adjustments

About the Presenter

Brian Heath – Edge Motivational Academy

Edge Motivational Academy provides training in leadership, motivational and delivers vital skills development for individuals, businesses and organisations.With a special emphasis on short courses, presentations, automated webinars and one-on-one coachingEdge Motivational Academy has a proven track record in this area.

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