Have you recently asked yourself a question like this, “Is it time to reset for a better future?” For multitudes of people throughout the globe, the last two years has been an unpredictable roller coaster. Who would have ever thought that almost the entire global community would be totally shut down and isolated, while the economies of the nations slowly ground almost to a halt?

Apart from the direct impact on the health of the global community, many have suffered not only financially but mentally, emotionally and socially. Unfortunately, many businesses and organisations have closed down, perhaps never to reopen. There is a trail of wreckage of lost investment, accumulated wealth disappeared without a trace and individual dreams and aspirations turning to dust.

Economies across the globe have been left with huge deficits following stimulus strategies that were very necessary. Although many restrictions have now lifted, the streets are still quieter than usual as many are staying in the safety of their own homes and a little more reserved in their spending.

Amongst all of this, the idea of the Global Reset has been thrown into the mix. None of us are really sure what that will exactly look like, but obviously the future is going to be very different from the past. Many are unsure and perhaps fearful. While this is a challenge, it also presents great opportunities for those who respond well to a changing environment.

Time to reset for a better future? A lot of people obviously think so. Statistics show that there is a global dissatisfaction with the quality of leadership and a lack of satisfaction with the workplace, which has been a factor in the phenomena which has now been coined “The Great Resignation.”

Change presents unusual opportunities

It has been said that necessity is the master of invention. A changing environment also signals to the ready and willing, the time to reset to a better future. I know that the last two years has got me thinking about and working towards what I need to do to be effective, and to genuinely help those that I am leading as we move forward in the years to come.

Regardless of what becomes of the Global Reset, you and I can make a choice to maximise the endless opportunities that will be available in the coming years.

  “Every sunset is an opportunity to reset..” (Richard Norton)

There is a great opportunity for leaders to be upgraded to the next level. With a little adjustment and consistent input from the right sources, we can become a valued and indispensable leader in a shifting culture.

In fact, those with the right experience and a solid foundation have the incredible opportunity to become the leaders that their world needs now.

Time to Reset for a Better Future

Leaders can maximise their opportunities in this changing environment by:

  1. Getting back in touch with your purpose

Don’t lose sight of the reason you are doing what you do. The world may be changing day by day, but this is also time to sharpen your vision. As leaders we can learn to use times of stress and challenge to sharpen our resolve even more.

  • Maximising the opportunities

Many organisations, businesses and leaders have quickly reinvented themselves over the two years, and that is going to be a trend for the future.

Challenging times can bring out the worst or the very best in you. Being able to pivot or transition into something entirely new is, in most cases, not as difficult as you think.

“Carpe diem” is a great phrase for now.

  • Listen, read and learn

It’s never been easier to listen, read and learn. You can make a quality investment in your life by setting side a short time each day to improve your knowledge and skills. If you do this, you will emerge in your environment as a key leader.

  • Investing in quality coaching

Finding the right coach is like finding gold. A good coach can help with guidance and assist in clarifying direction and setting meaningful goals. Engaging with a coach can literally fast-track your development by years.

  • Applying the Law of Association

I have heard it said that you become the average of the group of people that you associate with. When you connect and associate with the right kind of leaders, you will soon see that they are not really that much different from you. They have just made the right decisions at the right time and maximised the opportunities in front of them.

Look forward to seeing you next time